Monday, March 23, 2009

"How It's Done" with Devon Rose

This week, let’s get to know Emily of the wonderfully innovative Etsy shop, Devon Rose. Emily is a clothing designer and full time mom to one-and-a-half year-old Devon Rose.
I stumbled onto Devon Rose a few months ago, and immediately fell in love with the classic, yet quirky line of children’s clothing.

I bought a pair of these "Long-Winters Nap Leggings"for my 3-year-old (which she wears with absolutely everything!), as well as a sweet white lace “Sundays Blouse”. Both were darling and very well made. Emily was also willing to work with me on the sizing (my daughter is extra-long and extra-lean).

I browsed the Devon Rose spring line today and am now eyeing the “Sixties Spring Shift.” Make sure to take a peek at the shop (and you’ll get to see more pictures of Emily’s muse, Devon Rose, too!)
~ What Emily has to say about her Etsy Shop: Devon Rose makes handmade treasures for the free-spirited, firey and creative soul that is your beautiful child!

~What Emily has to say about her inspiration: Devon Rose, born August 30th 2007 is our inspiration and our model for our new baby's clothing line. We are proud "30 something" parents that love to create beautiful and lasting things. We know that you cherish your baby and we want our pieces to be your favorites to dress her in!

So - I know you must be asking - how does Emily design amazing clothing, run a successful Etsy shop, blog and still have time to nurture little Devon Rose? Let's find out...

~What are your top goals for your business? I'm slowly (but steadily!) building a successful design company for Devon to take over as the Designer when she's ready.

~What are your top goals for your family and marriage? It's so important to me to make sure that Isaac (my husband) and I never let all of the everyday drama of life diminish the romance in our relationship. Isaac works a lot, so I really try to work on keeping things light and cherishing the time that we do have together. I spend ALL of my time with Devon and she is awesome at keeping things light and happy. To her, everything is hilarious and amazing!

~What are the top 1 or 2 things you do to keep your life in "balance" while you work toward these goals? I make sure to take a lot of breaks though out the day (from all of that cutting and sewing) to just focus on Devon. I take her to the park or to the bookstore (she LOVES to look at books) We just have fun and goof around together. It also helps to break up the monotony I sometimes feel from sewing too much. I also make sure to give myself some "me" time -so important! I recommend nightly bubble baths!

~What is the greatest obstacle or challenge you face in reaching these goals? Sometimes I have the habit of falling into the slump of focusing too much on the negative instead of all the positive aspects of my life. My husband is amazing at pulling me out of that negative mind space.

Well, I'm inspired already. Check back tomorrow for more questions and answers from Emily of Devon Rose and for the scoop on Emily's new line of women's clothing! Yes, she makes women's clothing, too!

Our "How It's Done" series focuses on women who balance work, mothering and family.

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