Monday, March 9, 2009

How It's Done!

This week, I'm kicking off the first "series" on the Chalkydoodles blog: "How It's Done!"

I'm always asking - and being asked by other moms - how do you do it all? It's both fascinating, and encouraging, to learn about the routines, habits and strategies that other moms have in place to "keep it all together."

I'm so blessed to have a lot of amazing women - and moms - in my life, both professionally and personally. Fellow Etsy shop owners, other online and small business owners and bloggers, moms who work at home, moms who work at work - and they all have a story!
So, join me regularly as I feature a different Mom (or maybe even Grandmom or two) and spotlight their business and their talents. There might even be some giveaways along the way!

Let's find out what these Moms do, why they do it and - most importantly - How It's Done!

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