Monday, February 2, 2009

What TO DO TODAY to help Change the CPSIA

For those of you wanting to help with the CPSIA Issue - here's something you can do TODAY:

Senator DeMint has crafted a fix to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) that will both protect children and allow businesses to stay afloat.

The details of the plan are here and here

Senator DeMint plans to introduce the bill Tuesday morning (2/3/09) and will offer it as an amendment to the stimulus package.

One of Senator DeMint's staffers, Tom Jones, has urged folks to call your senator TODAY and help pass on a very specific message regarding the CPSIA issue.

Here is a copy of the blog comment by Tom Jones, (Senator DeMint's staffer):

Comment taken from Heather Flottmann's Blog at ) (Bold/emphasis added)

"I’m Senator DeMint’s staffer that handle’s CPSC issues for him.

A couple quick things. If your readers could:

1) Call their Senator Monday (2/2/09) and let them know that the problems with the CPSIA still exist. There are still liabilities issues out there, its not clear yet what retailers reaction to the order will be (its great to not have to test for a year but if no one will sell your goods that a bit of a hollow victory), PIRG is going to sue to overturn the order and the order doesn’t do anything to deal with State AGs. And of course all the problems come back full-bore in a year. Please try to impress these things on your Senator’s office.

2) When you are on the phone with the office make a very specific ask. Let them know you want the Senator to co-sponsor the DeMint bill. Have their staff contact me. (I work on the Commerce Committee and my email is in the “Global Email Directory.” (they’ll know what that is) I can also be called through the DeMint front office phone line which is 4-6121.) Also let the person on the phone that you’d like a written response on whether the Senator will co-sponsor issue.

3) Finally say thanks for talking to you. The person who answers the phone has the lowest job on the Congressional totem pole and when the phones get hot it can be very stressful. Throwing a little sunlight their way helps.

The main line for Congress is 202-224-3121. Tell the operator which state you are from and ask to speak to one of your Senators. Once you’re done with that, hang up and do it again with the other Senator.

Thanks again for all your help with this. If it wasn’t for you guys being so engaged on this issue, it wouldn’t be moving like it is.


So, let's all PICK UP THE PHONE TODAY (2/2/09) and follow these easy steps to contact our Senators and do our part to help change the CPSIA.

Have a great Monday,


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