Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"How It's Done" - with the Handmaiden's Cottage

This week in our "How It's Done" series, let's step into the Handmaiden's Cottage with Lynn Jeffries. Lynn is the mother of twins - and a grandmother of three!

I first got to know Lynn when she lovingly designed a layette set for my niece (hand quilted and embroidered baby booties with a matching bonnet - so very sweet.) And, as I've gotten to know Lynn better while working with her on this feature, I have truly been inspired by her creativity and simplistic approach to her work and her life.

Lynn's Etsy shop features handmade clothing, quilts and other delightful things made on her "no-frills" sewing machine in her home studio - in an actual cottage!

Here's what Lynn has to say about her cottage home in her Etsy profile:

"... I love living the creative life! I am inspired by our little cottage that sits on over two acres only a stone's throw away from the City limits of our small community. I grew up in the country near my Grandparent's dairy farm only five miles away from where I live now. I have managed to travel a little in between!

I have a liberal arts degree from a Jesuit University and my career was in finance. I am so lucky to have found my true passion now. I've been doing all types of needlework since I was a child and feel like I've finally "come home."

It was Lynn's needlework that first drew me into her shop. With her "Child's Artwork" custom quilted pillow, she transforms your child's drawing into the perfect gift. Her quiltwork is also hand-done and and adorable - especially on her children's clothing and accessories.

Lynn is also a volunteer Master Gardener through the Ohio State University Extension Office in (her) area and gardening is also one of (her) great loves, especially flower gardening.

Lynn says, "My mother (whom I dearly miss) had a very, very green thumb! I love selling on Etsy because it is one place where your creative efforts are so appreciated. My customers, well they're the best! They challenge me, they design with me, they become my friends."

So, let's get to know our new friend, Lynn a little better:

~When people ask you what you Do how do you respond? I used to hate that question before I started my own business through Etsy, because I took an early buy out from my government finance job, so I was technically “retired” at 47! Now I say I’m a business owner..it feels a lot better!

I think I work harder now than ever, but I love what I do, so it’s hard to call it work!

~How old are your kids (or grandkids)? I have 32 year old boy (man) and girl (woman) twins and three grandchildren, Brianna 6, Alivia 2, and Noah 4 months. They all live in Florida and we live in Ohio.

~What are your top goals for your business, career or blog? I guess I haven’t set any lofty goals for myself, just wanted to bring some extra money in and in the meantime be able to create something that has a heirloom quality and provide a way for people to bring their own visions to fruition through a creative partnership.

~What are your top goals for your family? I guess that would be to remain as close to my family as possible. When I make things (other than custom orders) I make them in sizes that fit my grandchildren, so I’m thinking about them when I’m creating.

~What are the top 1 or 2 things you do to keep your life in balance while you work toward these goals? Take time out for exercise and prayer, which I don’t do perfectly!

~What is the greatest obstacle or challenge you face in reaching these goals? Because I love what I do, I could “work” nonstop. It’s easy to get caught up in working constantly because you control how much you do.

Wouldn't you like to hear more from Lynn? Stop back by tomorrow for Part 2 of our time with Lynn Jeffries from The Handmaiden's Cottage.

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wow. so beautiful. that little girls dress is amazing, and makes me want to go on a picnic!