Monday, September 15, 2008

Chalkydoodles is online with PBS Kids Sprout thanks to Cool Mom Picks!

Let's have a party! Chalkydoodles was highlighted on the PBS Kids Sprout website today by Cool Mom Picks as part of the Sprout for Parents topic of the month - celebrating birthdays and grandparents.

We LOVE this article and are so happy that our Chalkydoodles Chalkboard Banners caught the eye of Cool Mom Picks!

Here's an excerpt from the article titled Chalkydoodles: Reusable Party Banners, Hold the Wrinkly Mess

"Decorating for a party is often times the best part of throwing one...That's why we love the idea of a reusable banner, like the handmade oilcloth and chalkcloth designs from Chalkydoodles."

And here comes our favorite part!

"Just choose how many panels you'll need...Dallas mom Lyn Pollard will hand create an adorable banner that works for any party, family gathering, or festive celebratory happening. When the party's over, just wipe off the chalk and store the banner for the next bash. Who knew eco-friendly could be so easy?"

THANK YOU PBS Kids Sprout and Kristen & Liz, Co-founders of Cool Mom Picks! We're having a chalky celebration here in Dallas as we speak!

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jamaise said...

I received the wonderful Chalkydoodles prize from Little Kiwi. Thank you so much for sponsoring the giveaway! I can't wait to use my Chalkydoodles :))