Friday, July 18, 2008

Chalk Talk: Use or Reuse?

So, I'm constantly seeing visions of where I can stick Chalkcloth - everywhere I look. I guess I think we can actually doodle on the entire world with chalk - (and then erase it, of couse!)

But, the more I think about it, my products are promoting at a very basic level the idea of REUSE. You know, buy something, use it again and again rather than buying something you can only use one time or for only one function. With this economy, who isn't into making the most of your investments?

Since I started selling my items on Etsy, I've really been prompted to think about my "shopping habits" - about what I'm buying (why I'm buying it) and who I'm buying it from. We all know that our "stuff" can quickly become overwhelming, so of course we choose our purchases carefully.

In fact, I read somewhere recently that every time you purchase an item, you are taking on a new responsibility. If that's the case, I definitely need to, as my five-year-old would say, "Have a Think" before purchasing anything, because the LAST thing I need these days is one more responsibility. I think you may know where I'm coming from, right Moms?

So, yes, I realize that something as small as my little concept only helps out a bit. You might buy a chalk mat to entertain your child rather than purchasing multiple copies of coloring books. Or, you might use a wipeable oilcloth tablecloth or splat mat for your party rather than using a throw-away one. Baby steps, at best.

But, who would have thought that something as simple as CHALK could make you sit and "Have a Think" for a minute about when you purchase items, where you choose to buy them, how you use them and IF you can can REUSE them? Now, we're getting somewhere.

You keep thinking. I'm going to get my chalk...

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